Chaos theory meets C++

What I've been working on recently, and a request for code review

I've been working on a plugin for Stata which implements [Empirical Dynamic Modelling](, a stats tool with the funnily misleading acronym EDM. Have you ever heard the line "correlation does not equal causation"? Well EDM aims to fix that.

Research network plot

Visualising research collaborations

Recently I made a visualization in Javascript to show the collaborations of the researchers in our lab here in Lyon. The plot shows each researcher as a node in the network, and edges are added to signify joint research papers between the (permanent) staff of the lab. Try dragging a circle around and watch the physics animation redraw the positions of the entire network in the interactive version.

Getting towards 100%

Extensions to my voice classification project

The biggest difficulty, in my opinion, with machine learning problems is after you've got a working solution. You're staring at some accuracy figure, say 95%, and wondering 'how high can this go?' There are a huge number of options for that next step.